Adam Cappa

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“I’ve come across many amazing musicians in my life, but few are like Adam Cappa, who has a true passion for the Lord above anything else in his life and is extremely talented as well. I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for this new artist.” —Jeremy Camp

Twenty-five-year-old Adam Cappa was born and raised in Richmond, Indiana—the birthplace of recorded jazz where his dad is the sheriff and his mom is vice president of a local bank. Not the most obvious back-story for a rising new Christian pop artist.

But it’s clear that as soon as Adam began to investigate the reality of God for himself, other people were inspired to invest in Cappa. Although his heart stays close to home and family, he’s now ready to see where his faith—and the faith others have shown in him—is going to lead.

“We went to church every week, then at some point in high school I wondered: Who is this God I hear about but don’t really know personally?” the spiky-haired singer/guitarist recalls.

Such questions got him invited to a nondenominational Young Life group where Adam felt an immediate connection and developed a deep relationship with the Lord. Music had never been Cappa’s main interest (he was a Junior Olympics jump rope medalist), but the men putting their energy toward his spiritual growth were worship leaders, and mentors in his life, and he simply wanted to be like them.

In short order, Adam bought a guitar, learned a few songs, and was leading fellow students at a local youth group in Matt Redman’s “Blessed Be Your Name” and Chris Tomlin’s “Enough,” not fully realizing those guys were recording artists whose outreach was also their profession; Christian music just wasn’t on his radar. Cappa led worship at churches and youth events throughout college while working at Fountain City Wesleyan Church earning a degree from Indiana University. His joy was in serving kids not much younger than himself. He had never imagined a record deal, but a new talent would begin to change that.

“God began to write a lot of songs in my heart,” Adam says. “Before I knew it, I felt the Lord had called me to pursue ministry on the road full time. I sold my car, bought a van, and started playing for teen camps full time.”

It was in those travels that Cappa first met fellow Indiana native Jeremy Camp through a mutual friend. The chart-topping rock/worship artist generously welcomed Adam to his home studio to record some demos and offer insights about music and ministry.

“We stayed in touch, and then through an unrelated booking deal on my end, I was asked to open a concert for Jeremy,” he remembers. “When I came off stage that night Jeremy was there waiting and said, ‘You blew me away tonight; that was incredible. I really felt the Lord speak to my heart, and I want to invest in you. I love your heart and your passion for the Lord.’ He had been praying about this work I was doing. So, we prayed some more and felt like God was saying, ‘Go.’ Soon we were working together on my debut album.”

Co-written and produced with Camp and Andy Dodd (Switchfoot, Plain White T’s), The Rescue bears comparison to Cappa’s mentor with its biblically insightful themes and emotionally stirring arrangements. It also brings to mind Redman and Tomlin respectively through subtle European production values and a crystalline singing voice that engages both pop and praise listeners alike.

The first single and title track is a fine example of all those elements. Born from the story of Peter stepping off the boat in Matthew 14, its initially heavy tone is lightened by a heavenward chorus: I’m so far down, but this time around I’m keeping my eyes on You / You are the rescue.

“This was one of the first ideas I brought to the table,” remembers Adam about writing the song. “I thought of moments in my life when I was crying out to Jesus, drowning and desperate to be rescued by a Savior. People focus on Peter’s lack of faith in that passage, but I also think about the great faith it inspired; that’s when he understood only Jesus could save him.”

Cappa’s own strong belief is evident on the uplifting “Perfect” where he stays focused on the words of John 16 and how God sees us as His children in the midst of this broken world: No matter what you say, no matter how it seems, you’re perfect to Me.

“God showed His perfect love through Christ, and in His eyes we are perfection waiting to happen,” he says. “We are more than our earthly hardships, because Christ overcame the world.”

Adam echoes that message on “Sail Away,” encouraging a life-weary friend to rest in the Lord. He puts active faith in God’s promises on “From the Inside,” a strikingly positive, acoustic-driven pop song about desiring spiritual growth that confesses: I need you to change me.

At the heart of The Rescue is “Washed Over Me,” a stirring expression of worship based on Ephesians 2 that Camp offered to share with an enthusiastic Cappa.

“My jaw dropped when I heard the chorus—I was so excited to work on it,” admits Adam. “The message is just so bold and clear right out of the gate. People won’t have to sit back and wonder what this is about.”

I’ve been washed; I’ve been cleansed; I have been made free.
I’ve been bought by the blood my King has bled for me.
The sweetest victory won at Calvary, where Your love washed over me.

In light of that saving gift, other standout songs like “Only a Glimpse” and “What’s at Stake” keep in mind eternity and lovingly urge others to do the same.

“I’ve seen God’s hand in my life, and I know that’s just a small taste of what’s to come,” he says. “It reminds me to be more focused on things above. And to consider everyone around me from an eternal perspective, to speak up, and be sure they know what God wants for them, too.”

That’s exactly what Adam Cappa will do on tour this fall with Jeremy Camp—reach out to people with an amazing rescue story.

“I’ve been transformed because someone took the time to love me and show me the power of God in my life,” he concludes. “I want to share that same thing and see the same changes in others. I know what it means when someone takes the time.”

Now take some time to hear The Rescue.