Angelina McKeithen

Categories: Target Demographic: Female
Price Range: Call Production Provided: Yes
Currently Touring: Yes Target Attendance: Open

Not often do you find an artist with the heritage in Gospel Music that Angelina McKeithen possesses. She is the third generation of performers in the McKeithen family lineage. Her singing career started at the age of three when her Grandmother requested she sing her first solo. It was the first family concert performed by The McKeithens in 1976. At age seven, she began playing drums for the group. At nine, her father showed her several chords on an acoustic guitar and she began performing with the full band. At thirteen, she brought the harmonica to center stage for which she is nationally known. Then, at the age of fourteen, she began singing and playing full-time with her family.

Angelina’s songwriting began at a young age. She was the youngest known published writer at ASCAP when she and her mother co-wrote “Let The Hallelujahs Roll” as performed by John Starnes on the Gaither Video Homecoming Series. She later co-wrote the theme song “Spark A Flame” for the “Spark A Flame” Concert Series. She was an exclusive writer for the Centergy Music Group for many years.

Niles Borop of Centergy Music states, “It has been my privilege over the past few years to work with Angelina McKeithen. Her skills as an instrumentalist are widely recognized. Because of her incredible abilities, she has been nominated numerous times for the highest awards given in Gospel music for a musician. In spite of the fact that her father is such an outstanding vocalist, all in the Southern Gospel Music community know what a gifted and unique vocalist Angelina is. What many are now discovering is that she is a gifted songwriter as well. As President of the Centergy Music Group, it is my pleasure to encourage Angelina’s writing abilities and it has been a joy to watch as she has blossomed into one of the leading songwriters in Southern Gospel Music today. In addition to writing the majority of the latest McKeithen & Company album, she has accumulated numerous recordings by such groups as Gold City, Pfeifers, Jessica King and N’Harmony. She has enjoyed chart successes with the song “Hide Me Behind The Cross” recorded by Gold City. “Hide Me behind the Cross” is being released in print for church choirs through Genevox Music. The song was awarded one of the top 5 played radio songs of 2000 by BMI at the annual BMI Christian Awards Dinner. Henry Blackaby in his Bible study “Experiencing God”, talks about seeing where God is working and getting involved in that work. God is working through Angelina McKeithen and I hope that you will get involved in the work God is doing in her life!”

After twenty-five years of traveling with her family, Angelina McKeithen started a solo career for six years, which included performing, instrumentation, songwriting, producing and ministering.

Beckie Simmons of BSA states “Angelina’s heritage in Gospel Music is something you rarely find. When Angelina was four years old I was watching her in Waycross, GA while her family, The McKeithens, were getting ready to go on stage. Naomi Sego came by and jokingly asked “Young lady, could I have your autograph?” With two ponytails and big wide eyes she looked at me and asks, “What is an audio-o-graph?” I replied “Don’t worry honey, you will know soon enough!” How true that statement has turned out to be! Angelina is a role model for young people all over the nation and by her example, already many want to learn to play an “Angelina Harmonica” ! It has been a joy to watch her grow and develop into a prolific songwriter, singer and musician. Standing on this firm foundation with her Christian Heritage, we are excited about this second phase of Angelina’s life. It is fun watching God work!”