Aryn Michelle

Categories: Target Demographic: Female
Price Range: Call Production Provided: Yes
Currently Touring: Yes Target Attendance: Open

When Aryn Michelle writes, she writes from the soul.

As the daughter of a preacher man and a caring wife and mother, Aryn’s songs nimbly toe the balance between the realities of this world and the promises of what’s to come. She can’t help but worship through music, and it’s been a lifelong obsession.

As a teenager Aryn taught herself piano and guitar and began writing songs before she could drive. She studied classical singing in college, but gave up breaking glasses with her voice to focus on songwriting. She pursued that passion and earned musical degrees from both Southwestern University and the Berklee College of Music.

In Aryn’s newest release Depth, her extensive experience, soul-baring lyrics and unmistakable voice will continue to garner fans of great music serving a higher purpose while saying something that matters. Reminiscent of the organic sound of artists like The Civil Wars and Alison Krauss, Aryn’s faith-based project showcases her lyrical mastery and wide vocal range.

Depth was produced by Daniel Paul, mixed by Mark Wessel, mastered by Jonathan Wyner, and recorded at Valve Studios in Dallas, TX.