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What does being human really mean? At the core, Bellarive is a band examining this question. Our songs are an overflow of stories, thoughts, and conversations proceeding to the overwhelming consideration that there must be more. In our pursuit of understanding humanity, we were interrupted with an explanation…Jesus.

In our response, we write. Our desire is that you too will pause, perceive, and behold the beauty in the world around you. For we all have been beaten and bruised, but not forgotten; friends, know there is still Hope. He is present.

Bellarive is a made up word, but it does mean something. For us it all started in 2009. We met serving at a church. We met in the midst of God doing something very profound in our community. He was moving….

The breath of God was bringing life and hope into our church family in an unforgettable way. Eyes were being opened and hearts awakened. Our response was simple and unplanned; we began to sing about it.

Over the course of a summer we spent everyday at my house.  For us, it was a gathering place. A place to seek and find God, to make sense of what He was stirring. The days were filled with prayers and songs. Soon, they became one in the same. The house, the environment, the life: it all became very special to us. It was hard to put to words, but encountering God tends to be that way. Looking back, I think God was beginning to teach us not only who He is, but who we are in Him.

This sacred space was marked by a bit of an odd name. I lived off a street baring a strong resemblance to the word “Bellarive”. None of us knew how to say it or what it meant, but we kind of liked that… It began to take on a meaning of its own. For us, it attached itself to all of this; becoming the “word” for how we were seeing God move. It took on this definition: It’s the conviction that God is actually moving. It’s the belief that music is by design, a powerful and tangible space for the creation to engage with the Creator. It’s the realization that we are fickle beings prone to wander and wade in the shallows, but God has designed us to swim in the deep. His grace makes it so.

This is why we sing. We sing to thank God for His grace. We sing to claim the power of the blood over our lives. And when we do so, it refines us. It helps us to remember. We must remember His plan is for us, not against us. He is present.