Big Tent Revival

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Few bands in any genre can claim a Grammy nomination for every album they have recorded. Big Tent is one such band. But even with five critically acclaimed albums and a slew of #1 radio hits to their credit, they insist that the accolades, while affirming, are not the reason the band exists. Driven by a desire for musical excellence and spiritual maturity, Steve Wiggins (guitar/vocals), Spence Smith (drums), Randy Williams (lead guitar), Steve Dale (bass), and David Alan (keyboards), hit the road playing 200+ dates per year …..

That’s how our bio used to start… Back in the 1990’s when life was much different and we were on the road for 200 plus shows a year… literally.

When we came off the road at the end of 2000, we had no idea what the next few years held for us. While we stayed in touch and in each other’s lives, we all moved on. We all took other jobs either playing for other artists, starting solo careers, working at churches or going on staff with a non-profit within the music industry.

Looking back on it all, we all landed in places where our strengths would be used well. We’ve all had our share of ups and downs in our lives both personally and professionally, but we are better people for it today and thankful for the experiences we had when we were on the road full time.

While we may have spent our 20’s growing up on the road with unforgettable life experiences, it’s the last 11 years that have helped us mature into the men we are today.

Men who want to make music together again because it gives us a chance to be in closer community with each other and to take a little deeper dive into our relationship as a band. We’ve loved the impact that songs like Two Sets Of Joneses and Choose Life have had on our fans lives and are looking forward to making some of the best music we’ve ever made.

SO!!! As we take time to put the tent back, we will be updating this site with much more info about what we are doing, so feel free to leave comments and say hi… we will respond!

And please… feel free to check back here soon to support our Kickstarter campaign where you get the chance to help us make a new record. It’s going to be a blast!