Christopher Hopper

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Price Range: Call Production Provided: Yes
Currently Touring: Yes Target Attendance: Open

Christopher Hopper is the Associate Pastor of New Life Christian Church in Watertown, NY and oversees production and creative arts. An accomplished musician, producer and worship leader with eleven albums, he is an executive producer for Spring Records. He is an author and co-author of numerous novels, and one of the founding members of Spearhead Books. He is a partner in numerous for-profit companies, including New Life Media, Northern Pizza Company and Northern Ice Cream Company, all of which are Kingdom businesses used for funding the Gospel. Christopher lives with his wife Jennifer and four children Evangline, Luik, Judah, and Levi in the 1000 Islands Region of Northern New York.

Hopper also formed the Christopher Hopper Band:

With a ministry spanning over ten years and ten albums, CHB continues to push their own limits, ever growing in what music is able to accomplish when driven with divine direction.

Their latest album offering, “Heaven Meets Earth,” is a reinvention of the band both lyrically and musically. “We wanted to write songs that spiritually cost people something to sing to Jesus,” says Hopper. “Songs that were confrontational and addressed issues of the heart both personally and for a generation.”

That focus, combined with churning electric guitars, driving rhythm, and intimate reflection, has made them one of the most memorable worship bands today.

Drawing from the diverse backgrounds of each musician, the Christopher Hopper Band is a unique musical blend of rock, jazz, R&B, and folk. Whether on a concert stage or in church worship setting, the band’s single heart is to draw people into the presence of the Holy Spirit, affecting the culture of each environment they are invited to touch.

With ten albums to his name, Christopher’s music and ministry have touched dozens of nations, and yet each member of the band serves on staff in a local church, giving them a heart for the Body of Christ both at home and abroad.

Christopher Hopper – vocals, guitars
Jennifer Hopper– vocals, piano
Denis Johnson Jr. – keys
Becca Johnson – vocals
Ron Sykes II – bass, keys
Val Sykes – dance, sign language
Dave “Teaspoon” Hulett – drums, percussion
Nate Cronk – electric guitar
Jason Rodgers – electric guitar