Devin Williams

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No guidelines, no sermons, no preconceived intentions — Devin Williams delivers a raw, introspective and sharp blow to audiences on his latest release Overload. His passionate performance and veracious lyrics provided the perfect canvas for this Music City rocker to approach topics he hadn’t tackled on previous praise and worship releases. “I wanted to take this record back to the sound that initially sparked my fire to begin creating music,” says Devin. “These songs and stories were the reason why I decided to start stepping on the stage. They define me and I think this is a personal journey that I have wanted to take for a while.”

This six song EP anchors itself as an unguarded view into experiences that we all encounter. Inspired by both personal memories and world headlines, Devin tackles subjects that can often be hard to swallow. “My background is Christian rock, so those influences are still there,” examines Devin. “However, you’ll also find matters of substance abuse, loss, abandonment, uncertainty, forgiveness, encouragement, and inspiration laced throughout this record. I wanted a real depiction of life and its experiences and I hope that’s what this album has created.”

The lead single from the record is the pounding and angst driven title track Overload. This accounting of one’s life is driven by a fueled hatred for the constant mistakes that a person can encounter. “Be it a drug addiction, an utter disregard for laws and/or morals, or any reoccurring dilemma, the catalyst here is that you must remove your own blinds in order to fully grasp the damage and break the chain of mistakes. The raw and harsh delivery of this track was exactly what I needed to tell this story.”

Devin is no greenhorn on the music scene as he has taken the stage alongside some of its leaders including Jeff Deyo (former member of SonicFlood). “His voice is amazing, his talent is very evident and his heart and commitment to seeing God work through him is steadfast and contagious,” says Deyo. Mac Powell of Third Day also states that he is not only impressed by his music, but by his desire to spread the message of God’s love and grace. “You won’t be disappointed! I believe God has something special for this guy,” says Powell.

There are no games or fail-safes on this record. It’s a steadfast and vulnerable outlook that teems with self-discovery and empowerment. This new project proves once again that the only thing Devin overloads on is his unwavering energy and dauntless pursuit of the truth.