Failed Escape

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We tried to make it our own way but failed
We tried to reach millions our own way but failed
We tried to conquer our own demons but failed
We tried to fight our own battles but failed
We tried to escape the path we created our own way but failed…

This is the testimony of our lives not only as individuals but a group of guys who were walking hand in hand with the enemy, who were giving the enemy our lives and talent. We didn’t even realize it was leading to our own destruction. We tried to escape the life we were living by our own selfish good deeds…trying to save ourselves from the chaos we created but couldn’t escape. But it all changed in August of 2011 after 3 years of playing in bars and clubs all over the southeast and leading people down the path that lead to nowhere…we accepted the precious gift of salvation from our lord and savior Jesus Christ he came into our lives and instantly changed our hearts and gave us a new life! A life with purpose and meaning!! He showed us that you can’t escape the clutches of the enemy by yourself; it’s impossible!! But with God on your side all things are possible! He can and will save you. Just call on his name and He will answer and help you! As for the name FAILED ESCAPE we wear it as our testimony.

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