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Our beginnings were pretty simple. It all started with in 2006 with a breakfast one cold November morning (we are from Wisconsin, after all, so it was going to be cold) with three professional players from ComedySportz in Milwaukee — Whit, John and Dave — who simply wanted to find a way to have a bigger purpose behind their comedy careers.

Over the next few months, a vision of doing high-quality improv comedy shows and workshops that bring people and organizations together and deepen relationships formed. Accomplishing all that required us to stay firm on high standards of all age appropriate, “never-cross-the-line,” material — something we’re proud to have done all these years. It also led us to being targeted towards certain businesses, churches, schools, organizations, and communities — ones that fit with our shared life approach.

Our first show was on February 10, 2007, and, with the help of some heaven-sent media coverage (feel free to ask us about that story), it was a sell out. We had to add a second show that night and nearly sold that out as well.  We’ve come a long way since then.  But even with the hundreds of shows we’ve done since, the energy and support right at the beginning is something that we cherish to this day.

In July, 2007, Nancy Mueller joined Fish Sticks as the first chick Stick (to use her words). That definitely classed the thing up. Andy Burgmeier joined in 2008, as did Joe and Jodi Lucas just a bit later that year. Each Stick brings a little something different to the table, and the blend has been pretty cool to see develop. Plus, having performed together as much as we have, and spending as much time as we have with each other on the road, the bonds within our group add to the experience. It is more fun to be with people who genuinely like each other, isn’t it?

While we hail from Milwaukee, we’ve traveled coast-to-coast, playing in big towns and small, playing before crowds of thousands in arenas or large convention halls and also in small intimate venues for a hundred or two. We’ve played for audiences of elementary school age kids, seasoned citizen groups and everything in between. We’ve also garnered a lot of positive feedback for our unique ability to play with mixed generation audiences and keep everyone laughing.

With literally unlimited material to draw from, Fish Sticks has been produced four DVDs, and have four more in the works already.  We’ve continued to expand our repertoire of improv games, including creating some ourselves.  We love what we do, care about each other, and can’t wait to have the chance to share time with you at an upcoming show or workshop.

Thanks for showing the interest in how we got into this thing and where we’re headed.  Feel free to contact us to learn more.