Jeff Steinberg

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For most of us it’s a world of small inconveniences. Traffic jams. Sore throats. Burnt toast. For JEFF STEINBERG, it’s a world of major handicaps always. But does he see himself as handicapped, unfortunate, to be pitied? No, absolutely not!

He calls himself a MASTERPIECE IN PROGRESS! Yet to see him, he looks like anything BUT a masterpiece. Born August 18, 1951, Jeff Steinberg faced life with little hope – no arms and badly deformed legs.

Jeff spent most of his early life in hospitals, including Shriners’ Hospital for Crippled Children in Philadelphia, PA, where he underwent orthopedic surgery, learned to walk with a brace and was fitted with his first prosthetic arm. At age nine, Jeff was placed into The Good Shepherd Home for the Physically Handicapped in Allentown, PA, where he lived until he was 19.

Jeff Steinberg is a Masterpiece In Progress – And he wants you to know it! Through the love of a local Christian couple, Jeff Steinberg, this young Jewish boy, met his Messiah and discovered the truth that became the foundation of his life: “…I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:14)

He sees his disabilities as assets, not liabilities. He believes, “A Quitter never wins; and a Winner never quits!” Jeff is proof that, “God uses the least likely person to accomplish the most extraordinary things.”  He is a Recording Artist/Producer, Singer/Speaker/Evangelist/Humorist, author, a husband, father and grandfather.  

Since 1972, he has crisscrossed the globe delivering his very special message that that a realhandicap is “anything that keeps me from being or becoming all that God created me to be.” In his distinctive style, using humor, song and the ScripturesJeff shows us that each person is wonderfully created in “God’s unique design,” with potential they never even dreamed possible.

Jeff Steinberg is an inductee into the Good Shepherd Hall of Fame for Persons with Disabilities for his achievements in the field of music, for his advocacy for the physically challenged and for carrying the message that everyone is a Masterpiece In Progress.He has shared his message with audiences around the United States and internationally, performing for churches, television, businesses, schools, conventions, fundraisers and hospitals. Jeff was a co-host on a Television Special, called “The Best You Can Be…The Handicapped Hall of Fame.” He was co-host for this entertaining and informative Special along with disability rights advocate, Mary Nemec Doremus. He has also performed on “The Variety Club Telethon” with host Monte Hall, both in the US and CANADA; He appeared on “The National Easter Seal Telethon” with host Pat Boone,from Hollywood, California for seven years; and was co-host on the “Memphis Easter Seal Telethon”for four years; and for the “Lehigh Valley Easter Seal Telethon,” which raised more than $250,000.00 to help people with disabilities. Especially memorable was performing at a rally with Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Jeff has performed for the US Military in Germany, Churches in CANADA, the Bahamas & Barbados and he has Ministered to people with disabilities in COSTA RICA. The Jeff Steinberg Team has Toured and Ministered to Prisoners in England, performed for School Assemblies in Belfast, Northern Ireland and throughout the USA, Community events and Churches in Scotland and South Wales. Jeff has traveled more than five million miles over the last 40+ years sharing his unique message.

Jeff Steinberg is a 2012 & 2013 nominee for three (3) Artist Music Guild Heritage Awards for 1) Male Vocalist of the year; 2) Comedian of the year and 3) Crossover Artist, of the year. The AMG is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. He is also a recent recipient of the prestigious Christian Music Presenters Artist Endorsement for Musical Excellence, Ministry Readiness and Spiritual Integrity.

Jeff Steinberg has recorded several recorded projects including his CD’s, Masterpiece in Progress,” “Tiny Giant, “The Glove,” “No Turning Back,” & “Something Special From Jeff;” and his live Concert Video “Live In Concert!! A Celebration – 25 Years” all on his own GlovePrints label, available for purchase or for download HERE. His autobiography, Masterpiece In Progress, now in the fifth printing with more than 55,000 copies in print, is published and distributed worldwide by GlovePRINTS Press.

The Steinbergs share a unique message of hope, humor and encouragement, inspiration and a special challenge: “You’re A Masterpiece In Progress!”You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll leave with an “I can do all things…” attitude.

Whenever possible, The Jeff Steinberg Team includes Ellen Steinberg, wife, mother, teacher & Seminar Speaker, who brings a heart for hurting women who have suffered abuse; who have been through the pain of divorce; the loss of a family member, job or other painful circumstances She speaks directly to the needs of folks who are hurting from abuse, as well as the concerns of single parent families with deep conviction and compassion. A vital part of this very special Minstry, Ellen also teaches a message of renewed faith, prayer and trust in The Lord; and offers practical guidance on how The Church can be effective in these contemporary areas of Ministry.

A Steinberg Service is the most fun you can have and still be in Church!