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A missionary, a history-maker, a creator, marketer, a singer, a writer, an entrepreneur are just some of the many adjectives that define this dynamic personality named Jo Scaife. Driving her origins from Tennessee, Scaife graduated from the School of Religion at the Belmont University. Her school was the holy place where her talent as an artist was honed and her faith in the almighty grew stronger than before. The liberal arts background provided her with a foundation that allowed her to carry her belief in Christianity through the medium of arts and music.


Since her early childhood Jo had the opportunity to listen to Gospel singers along with her father. It wasn’t too late when she accompanied him on the stage singing in harmony with the choir. It was evident she had the voice but it was the purpose of it that she set out to find. In her college years, she took upon every opportunity to write songs and landed up in the nation’s top 50 of John Lennon’s songwriting competition with her song titled ‘Hold On’. That embarked upon her career as a renowned background vocalist in the genres of Christian and country music.

After her father’s death, Jo sought refuge in divinity and the worship of lord. Death of her loved ones brought her closer to god and the ultimate meaning of life. She learnt her lessons through loss and then was clearly reflected upon in her debut song ‘Hold On’. In 2008, she released her project named ‘Welcome to Eden’ which manifested her learning and journey to seek the truth and to accept reality by confiding in the almighty.

Jo founded a music company named TABA Music Media which specialized in various multimedia products like music magazines and artists’ products. TABA stands for ‘To be an artist, by an Artist’. The company is aimed to expose the realms of Christianity through the language of music beyond boundaries that humans can control. She aims to spread the word of Christ by protecting humanity through her musical talents. He claims to have discovered the purpose of her life, though her talent and passion that is music.

Jo’s career was not confined to the boundaries of music industry. She has held various administrative positions and has been part of the ministry to make a difference in the society. She realized that the world needed her out there and she dedicated herself into volunteering and upliftment of the downtrodden. Her songs were dedicated to the unprivileged and served as a bridge of conviction for them to travel across the seas of grief that she herself went through. Scaife has transcended the meaning of survival through her songs as she is herself a Cancer survivor. Her personal touch and lyrics from experience makes her music of the gospel enlightening and serve as a medium to bring humanity closer to god.

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