Jordan Riley

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Jordan Riley on most accounts was your typical Christian recording artist. Jordan grew up in a small town and was oddly enough very shy.  “Being in front of people would make me queasy and want to throw up.”  “I always knew I had something to share with the world, I just didn’t know how to do it” Jordan recounts.  Since an early age Jordan’s passion was to reach people with a message of hope. He has always strived to be someone who gives back, and inspires people to look beyond themselves and reach out to others in their own community.  My love for people and ability to relate with others through the highs and lows of life has always been one of my signature traits.  As long as Jordan can remember he had a love for singing, even though many people in his family would laugh at him and make fun of him when he did sing.  This would leave Jordan hurt and embarrassed about the ability that he felt God had given him.  Through his teenage years Jordan would dream about traveling and performing concerts all over the nation to see people impacted with the Gospel, but how would he do it?

How Jordan began his career was quite an adventure.  It started in Bible College with his roommate.  God placed the right person in Jordan’s path and the proper time.  His roommate was very outgoing and quite obnoxious and it began to rub off on Jordan, and by the end of the first semester Jordan had emerged from his shell.  No longer the shy, timid teenager, Jordan had found his inner voice and confidence to let people know who he was and what he stood for.  God used this to help launch his music career, and in the mid 2000’s he followed the leading in his heart to share Christ through his music with the world.  He quit his job after graduating from college and in complete faith relocated to a town that he had never even heard of, but clearly felt the Lord leading him to this.  With the help of some friends he put out the word and made many connections in his new town and put together a large get together where he would meet his band members and share the vision that God had put on his heart.  The big night came, and to Jordan’s dismay not one person showed up, leaving him devastated and unwilling to go on.  At home later that night he began to pray and ask the Lord what to do, and he felt the holy spirit say to him, “do it again.”  Although he felt this was a crazy request, Jordan followed the Lord’s leading and did it the following week.  This time 4 guys showed up and were not only excited about the music but about the vision Jordan shared for reaching people for Christ.

During the early years of Jordan’s career he had many successes, from performing at the Winter Olympics, to speaking and singing on World Wide Television at a concert he did in North Carolina.  Not only was Jordan and his music making waves across the nation, but as he would share his faith on stage each night many would come to faith in Christ at his concerts.  However with this success came trails and temptations and eventually the music industry and pitfalls that come with it began to eat away at him.  After several individuals approached Jordan and promised him even greater success, he eventually hitched his career to their company.  Jordan was certain that this was his route to greater success and the revenue that he had been praying for.  A few months later after deciding to do this it was discovered that he had been scammed and taken advantage of.  He was left hurt, in debt, and doubtful as to where his music career was headed.  The hurt also began to take hold of him and began to erode the joy and passion he once had.  Doubt, fear and questioning of where God had truly called him to slowly took over his thought process and soon would almost cripple his career.  Jordan was caught in a vicious cycle of self doubt, fear, and unbelief.   “Where was God in all this?”  That was the question Jordan continued to battle for over a year as his music career began to spiral downward.

Finally in the summer of 2013 Jordan met his demons head on.  With the Lord’s help and total surrender of the past, Jordan was set free from the hurts and disappointments he had been subjected to.  God used some of Jordan’s closest friends and his pastor to speak life into him when he needed it the most.  They also helped by pointing out in a loving way how he had allowed the hurt in his heart to dictate his past and present decisions.  The change was instantaneous and almost unbelievable to those who knew him, and could only be described as miraculous.  God in his mercy had healed Jordan’s heart and it was at this point that not only was he freed from the past, but his joy and passion returned in an even stronger way.

After taking time to reflect on the changes and new found freedom, it was clear what Jordan’s mission was.  He had not only been reignited in his faith, but in his love for people and it was time for him to share this story of hope.  The journey God had taken him on would be the inspiration for his new EP “REIGNITED.”  Jordan’s heart is to relate to people and remind them that yes we all go through hard times and struggle with life, but that we are not left in the middle of our struggles and that there is hope to push through them.  If you listen to Jordan’s music you will sense some of the pain he endured, but more important you will encounter the hope and victory that he received in his life.

Going forward Jordan’s goal is to take this music and message to the nation.  The message is simple:  you don’t have to be stuck in the hurt life can bring, and that God can come into the midst of any situation and turn it around if you are willing to ask Him and surrender yourself.  His new “REIGNITE” message, music, and tour will not only be powerful and full of hope, but one that will help people to be victorious and not victims.