Judy Jacobs

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Judy possesses exceptional talent when it comes to inviting people to the knowledge of Christ and has really been successful in her life as a preacher and psalmist. She has traveled around the world, been a part of several conferences, and held many concerts to achieve her goal. Her television program Judy Jacobs Now! has made her even more an icon and a person well-known and admired by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Judy Jacobs have managed to help and save thousands of people through her influential and meaningful songs. The powerful lyrics serve to renew their faith and help them in taking that bold step that would change their lives forever. She established His Song Ministries in 1989 and released several music albums since then. Her sessions are also available on tapes and DVDs.

Minister Jacobs comes from a devoted religious family who never missed a prayer or fast. Such an influence right from the beginning made her realize that she is here for a special purpose and that God wants something more from her. She has been a part of popular ministries like Mega Fest, Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth, Daystar, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and Inspirational Network.

If you want to invite Judy Jacobs to sing at your local church, you can now do it by simply filling out a form and submitting it online. This form is available at her official website. You can also join Prayer Nation to submit your prayers to be put up on her wall of prayer and to connect with other people who share your beliefs and opinions.