Kathy Troccoli

Categories: Target Demographic: Female
Price Range: Call Production Provided: Yes
Currently Touring: Yes Target Attendance: Open

Kathy Troccoli’s soulful vocals and passionate styling’s have resonated with all generations. She is known to belt out a song with a Judy Garland flare as well as croon on simple ballads with the velvet touch of a Norah Jones.

Kathy is an award-winning singer, songwriter, speaker and author of several books. She has garnered numerous accolades and record sales having enjoyed 23 recordings, 17 number-one radio hits, 19 Dove Award nominations, 2 Dove Awards, and 3 Grammy nominations.

Her musical and vocal talent has also been showcased by many Top 10 mainstream/pop radio hits such as Diane Warren penned songs Everything Changes (#1) and Tell Me Where It Hurts, along with I Can Hear Music (with The Beach Boys).

Kathy is a highly sought-after singer and entertainer who has appeared before millions through various national and worldwide performing venues. She has allowed both successes and trials to shape her over the years, equipping her for a multi-faceted career. She is charmingly raw and funny and her unique way of candidly sharing in between her songs is what allows her to captivate the hearts of her audiences.

Kathy is ever expanding her outlook and outreach to touch the hearts of all those around her. She has added an acting sketch to her presentations—and is also delving into the gift market world in jewelry and art with her keen eye for beauty and design. The newest musical offering from Kathy is a first of her career. She has co-written all of the music and solely produced Better Days.

Kathy Troccoli quite simply has become her own brand. Whether seeing her sing a big-band Christmas song, a heartfelt hymn, a mellow jazz tune or a stirring Gospel tune she is “an experience”. To encounter her is to be encouraged, motivated and inspired.