Leigh Nash

Categories: Target Demographic: Female
Price Range: Call Production Provided: Yes
Currently Touring: Yes Target Attendance: Open

Born and brought up in New Braunfels, Texas, Leigh Nash took up country music at an early age. Although struggling with stage fright, she gained experience for several years by performing at local cafes and dance halls until she met musician and songwriter Matt Slocum with whom she formed a pop band and named it Sixpence None the Richer.  Nash claims that she developed a bent for pop culture and bands like The Sundays, Innocence Mission and The Cranberries, took her interest. Her music drew inspiration from Christian music industry along with country music.


The duo launched its first album ‘The Fatherless and the Widow’ and won critical acclaim. Soon, they were joined by Tess Wiley, Dale Baker and J.J Plascencio and recorded a new album titled This Beautiful Mess which won a Dove Award for the Best Album. The band’s single ‘Kiss Me’ earned various Dove awards, including Best Artist of the Year. The band also got nominated for the Grammy Awards. In 2000, Nash released her first solo single titled ‘Need to be Next to you’.

After the amicable breakup of the band in 2001, Nash moved to L.A. to venture independently. She started writing songs and came up with her first solo record titled Blue on Blue in 2006. She moved back to Nashville, TN and started a new band called Fauxliage in association with a Canadian band called Derelium. Finally in 2007, Sixpence None the Richer reunited to perform at the Parachute Music Festival in New Zealand. She attracted masses of thousands with acoustic covers of her previous hits. Subsequently she also toured with Derelium. Nash released a Christian album titled the Dawn of Grace and toured around the States and Europe for its promotion. She also joined the tour ‘Open Wings-Broken Strings’ in 2009. Nash launched a worship album in 2011 titled ‘Hymns and Sacred Songs’ and in 2012 she launched her fifth studio album ‘Lost in Transition’ with Sixpence None the Richer.

Leigh’s journey as a Christian pop artist was replete with ups and downs but her music was strong enough to attract audiences and enthrall them. Her melodies were reflections of old country music with pop influence but her lyrics still swore allegiance to the word of Christ and encompassed the feeling of hope and faith. Nash’s venture as a female Christian artist is eulogized by all and her success in the field has left an indelible imprint in the history of contemporary Christian music.