Leon Patillo

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Leon Patillo is one of the musical pioneers of our time. His concerts are always filled with excitement, praise, worship and teaching. Leon was the lead vocalist for the Santana Band but left the group and went from Santana to Hosanna! Leon crosses all age groups and ethnic boundaries and is a total performer who can sing, dance, and preach.

For more than 20 years, Leon has used his voice, motivating gifts and his music for churches, festivals, special functions, corporations, radio and TV hosting. Leon has lots of success and visibility with Gold and platinum albums.

Leon released his first album, Dance Children Dance through Word Records. He released seven more albums, which included such notable songs as J-E-S-U-S, Cornerstone, and the famous wedding song, Flesh of my Flesh. Leon’s latest CDs are Breathe on Me, Re-Entry, and Love Songs.

For the past 10 years, Leon traveled with the Get Motivated Seminars where he performed on stage with such personalities like Zig Ziglar, Mayor Giuliani, Laura Bush, Colin Powell, and other notable speakers.

Last year, God called him back to his first love which is touring and winning souls. He has been traveling around the country ministering at different churches, special functions, fund raisers, and conferences and singing songs that the baby boomers use to hear when they first got saved and even the youth are learning to love. He is also introducing some of his new material.

Along with his music is a special message called You Can Begin Again, a powerful reminder that is helping many people to have a starting point for their lives, relationships, and is giving them hope and encouragement for the future.

Leon also supports his wife Renee, with her new project, whose goal is to win souls online, by sharing testimonies and stories of God’s goodness, http://reneepatillo.ws/

To order CDs, book Leon, or find out about his latest project, email us, or call 702-580-8782. Partner with him, or visit his website, www.leonpatillo.org, or be his friend on Facebook (www.facebook.com/leon.patillo).