Living Testimony

Categories: Rap Target Demographic: Both
Price Range: Under $1,000 Production Provided: Yes
Currently Touring: Yes Target Attendance: Open

Living Testimony (Emmanuel) is a young cat from the DMV (Maryland). A man who dealt with hardships growing up and went through the typical teenager ups & downs. Emmanuel was on a path of destruction – getting high every day, drinking heavily, popping pain pills and street crime… you name it, he pretty much did it! Needless to say, he went through his share of adversities. Little did he know, Jesus Christ had something planned for him, that he himself had no idea of! Emmanuel was saved and hasn’t looked back since. The more he became spiritually enticed with the Lord, he discovered what the Lord had inside of him since the day he was born. Now, he is a “Living Testimony” to what God can do if you allow Him to intervene and change who you are.

Living Testimony understands that this generation needs someone to step out, and boldly put Jesus Christ on top. Through their music, the Lord allows healing and hope, as well as inspiration.

The journey is nowhere near done for these young men that hunger for God. Living Testimony has yet to do what God is going to allow him to do. Be prepared, world! It’s more than just the “raps” that he speaks – it’s the life he lived that lines up with what he speaks.