Nine Lashes

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Price Range: Call Production Provided: Yes
Currently Touring: Yes Target Attendance: Open

Founded in 2006, Nine Lashes, an American band from Birmingham, Alabama, specializes in the contemporary pop Christian Gospel genre of music. The band members initially released their self-financed album ‘Escape’ that went largely unnoticed, and then signed on to Tooth and Nail Records, belting out the chartbuster ‘World We View’ that went on to become a cult classic. The band has ever since, been touring and composing new singles for the label.


Nine Lashes consists of Jeremy Dunn, the lead vocalist, composer and head of the band; guitar specialists Adam and John Jefferson, Jared Lankford with the bass percussion and additional guitar, and Noah Terrell with the drums. During their initial days, Nine Lashes primarily played for the Community Church at Alabama and was actively involved with the Teen Challenge Christian organization. Their easy lyrics and superb music caught on with several locals in Alabama and they were interviewed on regional television.

In 2009, Nine Lashes came up with ‘Escape’ a soulful album that was lost amidst the plethora of releases that came up during the time, thanks to no marketing and proper pitching. It was then that the band was introduced to Tooth and Nail Records, a Christian Gospel label, which gave them their first break in the form of ‘World we view’ that was released in 2012. This album instantly peaked at the Billboard rating, CCM ratings, Christian Billboard ratings and various other Christian Gospel ratings and radio listings. ‘Anthem of the Lonely’ peaked at no 1 on Billboard Christian Gospel ratings. ‘Get back’ and ‘Adrenaline’ were also acclaimed and we hope to see them at the GMA Dove or possibly the Grammys next year.

What binds the members of the Nine Lashes together is that all of them share the common conviction of ‘standing up united for what they believe in and pour their heart out in everything they do, which in this case is spreading the Gospel around in contemporary Christian metal and rock’. Nine Lashes stands for the ‘cat of nine tails’ whip that was used to hurt Jesus. Says Jeremy Dunn, ‘We christened our band to Nine Lashes simply because we never wanted to forget what Jesus underwent for our sakes.’

Nine Lashes are a favorite for tours and concerts around the US as well. They embarked on the Kings and Queens Tour, the Red-Volution, and the Winter Jam with many other artistes. If you’d like to know when Red Lashes are touring your city, you’d better get to their official site and check their tour schedule.