Randy Stonehill

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With a style reminiscent to James Taylor, Randy Stonehill is one of the most versatile American pop Christian artistes in the US. Having debuted in 1971 with the album, ‘Born Twice’ in California, which was primarily a stage show, Randy Stonehill went on to become an accomplished performer with albums like ‘Until your love broke through’, ‘I love you’, ‘Who will save the children’ and many more singles that peaked on various Billboard ratings 200. His songs were used as musicals in various television shows, sitcoms and ad jingles too.


When an interviewer asked Randy Stonehill about when his first performance ‘Born Twice’ would become a CD and sell around, he is said to have said ‘when somebody mad enough decides to invest in it.’ The CD that came up in 2005 went on to become a major rage and the style of contemporary jazz caught up in spiritual Gospel and Christian worship songs. It is this unassuming nature of Randy Stonehill that has made him an appealing figure in the eyes of his fans and critics, who throng his concert venues and lap up his performances.

Being in the circuit for more than the thirty years, Randy Stonehill has a series of albums that have gone to become cult releases. In the 1971 after debuting with ‘Born Twice’, ‘Welcome to Paradise’ and ‘The Sky is falling’ both of them rock classics that deal with spiritual Gospel; ‘Equator’ and ‘Celebrate this heart beat’ in the soft rock genre; ‘Stories’, ‘Our recollections’, ‘Uncle Stonehill’s Hat’ and ‘Edge of the stone’ are other albums that Randy Stonehill is famous for. Each single from this set is applauded and peaked at the top of the Billboard rating chart. It is marvelous to have the spirit alive in Randy who has still been working on the next few albums that he intends to release in the next few years.

Randy Stonehill is an extensive tour performer and coupled with Robin Williams, ensures that you leave the performance in splits thanks to his funny bone. ‘Spirit Walk’ that released in 2011 carried the Randy Stonehill legacy forward by receiving a Gold certification by RIAA.

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