Rapture Ruckus

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Rapture Ruckus is a suave Christian hip-hop band from Wellington, New Zealand, creating stellar music and awesome Gospel, with Brad Dring, Mike Aitofi, Joshua Stein and Geoff Duncan, members and artistes of the band. Since the time Rapture Ruckus was founded in 2001, it has released five albums ‘Rapture Ruckus’, ‘I Believe’, ‘Live at World’s End’, ‘Hold On’ and ‘Open Your Eyes’ that went on to garner immense recognition, accolades and awards from the Grammy and GMA Dove.


In 2001, Rapture Ruckus was founded in New Zealand in a relatively small town. After a few years of touring New Zealand and performing for churches, congregations, and festivals in town, the band released their EP Rapture Ruckus in 2006. ‘I Believe’ was released at the same time and was a runaway hit, with the singles ‘Freight Train’ and ‘Lose Control’ peaking at the top ten at Billboard ratings and various rankings in Christian radio ratings worldwide.

In 2008, ‘Rapture Ruckus Live at World’s End’ was released with two singles ‘No Matter What’ and ‘One’ that peaked at the NZ ratings in the top ten and twenty respectively. This album was an immense success and sold more than 50,000 copies in Australia alone, adding to the popularity of the band. ‘Hold on’ and ‘Open Your Eyes’ were featured albums released in 2010 and 2011 that went on to win Dove Awards GMA and Grammys Nomination for the Best Rock Gospel category.

Touring New Zealand which the band feels is a ‘tiny country with only a few hundred thousand people living’ is a nonetheless great experience. However, the band has steadily been moving to the USA over the past few years as they’re looking to cement their position there with a lot of tours and shows. ‘Meeting new people, transcending borders and demonstrating that Christians are universal and need no country demarcation, are the prime reasons for the move to USA,’ confesses Brad Dring, lead vocalist and head of Rapture Ruckus.

Rapture Ruckus are currently touring the US in several locations, hoping to spread their magic around. You can get to know of their travel schedule in the official website they maintain and connect with them on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The prime motivation for the band and each soulful track they compose is that ‘God loves us even more than we love ourselves and it’s time (we) show Him our gratefulness by walking on his path.’