Rebecca St James

Categories: Target Demographic: Female
Price Range: Call Production Provided: Yes
Currently Touring: Yes Target Attendance: Open

Rebecca ‘St James’ Jean Smallbone is one of the best female solo Christian pop Gospel singers in America. Originally from Sydney, she came to the US in 1991 and released her first album with ForeFront Records in 1994, her namesake. That went on to become a moderate success and inspired Rebecca to work on another album, ‘Extended Play Remixes’ in 1995, which again was successful though not a chartbuster.


In 1996, Rebecca decided to infuse more of rock into her music and came up with ‘God’ which peaked at 168 at the Billboard ratings and went on to amass huge positive reviews from the critics and the fans. There was no looking back for Rebecca ever since, as she went on to release ‘Pray’ soon after, which again was a huge success in 1998. Though it did manage to get into the top 100 at the Billboard rating, it won a Grammy for the Best Rock Music Album category and was certified Gold in the RIAA Records for selling more than 50,000 copies around the world. The single ‘Yes, I believe in God’ was also a smash hit during the period.

The Grammy Award sure motivated her to craft even more soulful albums and move completely into Christian Rock Gospel with releases like ‘Transform’, ‘Worship God’, ‘If I had one chance to tell you something’ and ‘I will praise you’. Each single from these albums was a hit and some of them peaked outright at no 3 in the Billboard ratings. Whether it is ‘Shine Your Glory Down’, ‘Wait for me’, ‘’I, thank you’, ‘Reborn’ or ‘Alive’ and ‘Song of Love’, they have all been chartbusters in their own stead and were used as part of major sitcoms and commercial jungles too.

Rebecca St. James then, moved on to Hollywood and starred in a couple of movies as well. She is a multifaceted personality having appeared on television shows, authored books, nine of which have become bestsellers and sold over two million album copies across the world. Apart from the Grammy Award, Rebecca has won the GMA Dove Award thrice during the years 2002, 2004 and 2006. The suave singer hosts a lot of shows and is sought after performer at various awards nights and other places. Her tours are always on high demand, thanks to her outstanding energy and immense popularity.