Relient K

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Unlike many other Christian Gospel bands that play for fame, awards, accolades, and appreciation, Relient K was founded by a group of college boys with ‘love for music, a will to perform, and a spiritual longing to spread the Holy Word around the world’. Matt Theissen, Brian Pittman and Matt Hoopes launched Relient K in 1998, and since then have composed a plethora of albums that went on to garner immense awards and rave reviews from critics and fans alike.


The debut album ‘Creepy EP’ was released by the band in 2001, though ‘All Work and No Play’ was their first ever musical effort. Both of them were moderate successes and were followed by ‘The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek’ and ‘Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right, but Three do’ in the subsequent years. Their biggest success came up with two albums that peaked at the Billboard Ratings – ‘Mmhmm’ in 2004, which was ranked 15, and ‘Five Scores and Seven Years Ago’ in 2007, ranked in the top 10 of the rankings. These albums were awarded the GMA Dove Awards as well, and a Grammy Award nomination in 2003, for Best Gospel Album. ‘The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek’ in 2001, was also a huge success that catapulted the band to superstardom.

When the boys first came up on the Christian Gospel scene, with Relient K, named after Hoope’s automobile ‘wreck that took 15 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph from 0’, they were called ‘regular boys that can be found on any college campus’. However, with more than a million tapes been sold worldwide in less than two decades and a series of hits in their kitty, they have been nothing short of ‘stellar’ with every album scoring higher on the critics radar than the previous one. Their new album ‘Its K for Karaoke’ has already opened to record collections across the globe.

Booking Information

Relient K is known to grace a number of festivities, tours, and church congregations across the US. They have collaborated with secular artists as well, managing to create a wonderful experience for those assembled in their concert. If you’d like to know more about Relient K and their travel schedules across the nation, you’d better check out their official website for updates. Relient K is known to be active on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace as well. For a sneak peek into their lives, you can subscribe to them on these social networking channels.