Rend Collective

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In an increasingly artificial world, the need to spread the Holy message of peace, prayer and spirituality is what brought Rend Collective together as a Christian Gospel contemporary rock band. Founded in 2002 by a bunch of fifteen artists, out of which six are active in musicals, album releases and touring, Rend Collective is an eclectic mix of various professionals from Northern Ireland, with the common thread of Gospel and Christianity binding them together.


‘Homemade Worship’ and ‘Organic Family Hymnal’ are their primary releases in the recent years, out of which their single ‘Second Chance’ in 2012 brought them immense appreciation and fan following. The members Gareth Gilkeson, Will Heron and Chris Llewellyn, Ali Gilkeson, Bridget Herron, and Patrick Thompson compose the songs, string the guitar, create bass and percussion effects and render the main and additional vocals. Together, they create magical albums that incorporate contemporary chutzpah to make the Gospel grow on their relatively-young fan following.

According to Gareth Gilkeson, the lead vocalist and head of the Rend Collective, the band believes in ‘organic spirituality, with organic meaning coming from a place deep with Lord and purity, devoid of the earthen malice and longing.’ It is with this belief that the band creates mystical songs with mesmerizing lyrics, apt background music and a soulful rendering of the songs in an overpowering voice by the lead vocalists. They may not have won awards and accolades so far, but according to Gareth, ‘awards are not what (they) are here for. It is the pleasure of being associated with Christ and the Father that pleases (them) the most and keeps (them) going.’

The members of the Rend Collective embark on long tours to various exotic locations in tandem with many other artists. Whether it is San Diego, Richmond, or Santa Rosa, the artists perform with vigor and keep the Gospel alive in the hearts of their audience with their powerful performances. Currently, the band is touring the entire expanse of the US with the ‘Struggles’ tour in association with the Tenth Avenue North.

Booking Information

There is complete information available on the official Rend Collective website about the tour schedule, itinerary, and ticket info. Their shows run to packed houses, so we suggest getting your tickets booked fast in advance. If you want to get personal with the band, you have access to their MySpace, Twitter and Facebook profiles as well, which are continuously updated by their entourage.