Rush of Fools

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Rush of Fools is a wonderful Christian Gospel Band from Alabama US, found in 2005, with Jamie Sharpe, Wes Willis, Kevin Huguley, Jacob Chesnut, Jacob Blount as prime members of the album. ‘Undo’ in 2007 was their claim to fame, with the single being the No.1 Christian Gospel Song of the Year and ranked high in CCM and almost every other Christian Radio listing. The band followed up with ‘Wonder of the World’, their next album in 2010, which had another hit song ‘Lose it all’ that went on to become a trailblazer of sorts. Rush of Fools is thus one of the most remarkable spiritual gospel bands of our times.


What is special about Rush of Fools and their passion is that ‘every member was in a rush to begin music and didn’t even finish High School when their first album released with ‘Undo’ in 2007.’ The artistes were firm and determined about making the path of Jesus Christ their own, through mind boggling music, touching lyrics and a raw genius that made them stand out since the time they exploded into the scene with their first album ‘Rush of Fools’. Even as they come up with their third album ‘We Once Were’, their approach to music and spirituality remains the same. The album is already making waves in the international circuit with singles like ‘You’re the Medicine’, ‘Inside and Outside’ and ‘Come Find Me’ being overnight chartbusters upon the album’s release.

The lead member and vocalist of the band, Wes Willis says that ‘God willed us to be on His path throughout our lives…and it’s like a fast forward button that’s been played all this while. (They’ve) been doing nothing but touring, carrying on Jesus Christ’s legacy and making the most of the opportunity to propagate Christianity around the world.’ He also confesses that ‘the fact that people with miserable lives come to us in search of peace, hope and prayer humbles us and motivates us to perform even better and come up with great songs.’

Booking Information

The good looking quartet performs a number of shows and concerts to keep their tradition and brand alive. Throughout the US, their concerts are often overbooked and run to packed houses. If you want to know when Rush of Fools is coming to your town or city, you will need to visit their official website and garner the details. They are also quite active on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.