Sada K

Categories: Target Demographic: Female
Price Range: Call Production Provided: Yes
Currently Touring: Yes Target Attendance: Open

Music has always been present in the life of Sada K. and has played an influential role throughout the course of what she calls her “journey”.

Sada K. was born and raised in the Kansas City area. Growing up in a home where both her mother and father possessed the gift of music that continues to resonate in her melodic and sultry voice. Her mother was a songstress at their local church & her father would spend time with her singing soul music on their grand piano.

There were inevitable factors that shaped not only her life, but her passion and calling through music. Volunteering & serving hurting people was a mainstay for her life as she witnessed her entire family freely giving to others from a place of love beyond what she could understand as a small child. Those life experiences have created a clear window to her path towards the purpose of sharing her spirit & music with others.

“I have a heart for people, and in order to be able to really speak to people’s hearts and be able to relate to people that need to be uplifted, I too had to go through some tough times to be able to understand the magnitude of what caring for others and using my gifts to minister to others can truly mean to a hurting soul.”

It is Sada K.’s heart’s desire to create music that guides people to hope & provokes her listeners to be encouraged & persevere, no matter what they face in life. World Changers that have shaped music history has inspired her throughout her journey and Sada K. is creating a sound all her own by writing songs that spread the message of the love of God, her faith in His majestic power, and the beauty and strength that awaits all of us within the lessons of life. Love is a powerful thing and Sada K. has been gifted to blanket your heart with empowerment and hope, through music.

Heartache and pain comes to all of us. How we deal with it shows a measure of our strength and God’s grace to sustain us. Sada K. has walked that road on many levels, but most would never know it because she makes a conscious effort to remain positive through “life lessons” as she likes to call testing times. “Complaining is not an option for me. I have my private moments, when I cry out to God and have to gather myself, but I know that I have to be strong and that there is something to learn from everything I go through. Helping people, while fulfilling my purpose, is my destiny. God never gives us more than we can bear, and I have learned through this journey, I am a lot stronger than I ever knew.”

After touring all over the country for two years as the female lead vocalist for Christian Pop Band, Press Play, Sada K. was devastated by a serious, career threatening knee injury in June 2011. “I knew it was God’s way of guarding me and sitting me down for a season of growth and understanding”. Sada K. had to face the harsh realities of 2 knee surgeries, months of physical therapy and having to learn how to walk all over again. She had to deal with the embarrassment of going from living on a tour bus to being pushed around in a wheel chair, being on crutches, using a walker, having a cane and huge braces on her legs so that she could learn how to walk properly again and prevent developing a permanent limp.

God moved throughout this entire process and the time off allowed her to draw closer to God than ever before. The blessings of God permeated and overtook her during this time of healing. What looked like an insurmountable situation, Sada K. woke up to find that all of her medical expenses were paid for in full!

During her recovery, Sada K. prayed and obeyed God’s instructions to end her season with Press Play and move forward with her solo career. Shifting to doing everything independently wasn’t easy, but she knew it was all in God’s plan. Sada K. went against all odds and independently debuted and released her new single “Stand Up”. At the time of the recording, she was not able to stand to record vocals, not to mention the fact that shooting a video was virtually out of the question. As her healing manifested, writing “Stand Up” was her testimony and proclamation that she was now able to physically “Stand Up” and spiritually able to stand stronger for the One who healed her. Upon the excitement of being able to walk on her own again and preparing to release her new single and music video, Sada K. was hit with yet more life changing news that she didn’t see coming. She found out just two weeks apart that both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer. She contemplated quitting pursuing her music career in Los Angeles and moving back to Kansas City to care for her parents but they insisted that she stay on the journey.

Her parents divorced over ten years ago and the fact that they were both going through this individually was extremely difficult. Her family has kept things private up until now. They believe that they are going through this for a reason and that their testimony of survival, healing and holding on to their faith in God will change the lives of many all over the world.

“The song “Stand Up” means more now than it ever did before for me. When life seems to knock you down when you least expect it, you can’t stay down, you have to stand up and let your light shine. You have to stand up and use the lessons that you were chosen to learn, so that you can help someone else stand up when they don’t feel like they can. That’s my goal and that’s what I have set out to do. I’m working harder than ever before so that I can be a blessing to my parents and fulfill the purpose that I was born for. It’s more important to me now than it has ever been before.”

Sada K. is an artist that brings music & spirit to those who have lost hope & joy, to those who have been broken hearted and to those who can appreciate a positive message wrapped in God’s love. She is able to send out these messages not just in music, but also in the giving of herself with love & kindness. Her music exhibits a depth of emotion, power, hope and love. Your heart and spirit is soothed by the sultry sound of her voice bringing life to the dry places of those who need to find that safe place, the place where everything between peace and love resides.