Sarah Eggerichs

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Dr. Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs are a couple dedicated to solving marital issues, rekindling romance between couples, and demonstrating marital bliss through Christian Gospel and spirituality thrown in. The couple is a part of most of the Winter Jam tours and other Christian pop music artistes congregation where they speak between performances and help married couples put their lives back on track.


Sarah Eggerichs is famous for conducting seminars, workshops and counseling sessions around the US and has helped many a rough home see light, hope and the message of the Lord and keep their marriage intact. Her public speeches are laced with humor and wit and are practical and informative to the core. Couples who swore never to stare at each other find themselves falling in love with their partners all over again and dream of creating a family too. All credit to the hubby and wife duo who take it upon themselves to do their bit in keeping divorce trends in the US low.

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs runs an Institution, ‘Love and Respect’ supervised by Joy Eggerichs and Sarah Eggerichs, who manage and coordinate workshops and rehab sessions for married couples. Upon attending these sessions, you know that men were not designed to cuddle and love and basically primal predators in nature. However, with wives expecting personal attention and comfort all the time, marriages crack apart. While husbands will need to do take care of the physical cravings their wives have, being Men of God; women must learn to accept men the way they are. Harping on techniques that make them accomplish the job, Sarah and Emerson heal houses and fill them with laughter, peace and mirth for good measure.

Over the years, there are more than 21 books authored by the couple, bringing in their own life stories, romances and using anecdotes to share information on how marriages can be healed even when they are at their worst. The ‘Love and Respect’ book series went on to become a successful bestseller and led to audio cassettes and tapes too.

Practicing evangelism and spiritual Gospel too during musical concerts and tours, Sarah Eggerichs and her husband are on demand during most of the Winter Jam concerts every year. Artistes insist on having them in between their performances. If you want to connect with the couple during their tours, you can check their official blog for more information. They are available on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites too.