Tamara Calder

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Born in December of 1985, Ms. Calder, the first-born of two to Pastor & Evangelist Calder, proved to be a survivor as she and mother survived a near-tragic birth and miraculous recovery. From the beginning of her life, the hand of God made evident that there was purpose on this life. A vessel chosen by the hand of God unknown to many, Ms. Calder is more than what meets the eye.

Hailing from the Parish of Clarendon, baptized at the age of 11 she was quickly involved in musical activities in not only her church but at her schools and around her community. During her early years attending the Alley Primary School in Clarendon Tamara was a modern contemporary dancer. She was awarded a Gold Medal for her piece in the 1996 Festival of the Performing Arts. She went on to win another Gold Medal for her vocal entry in the 2003 JCDC Music category. Tamara began pursuing her singing career in 2003 recruited by Nu Lyfe Muzik Productions in Grand Cayman. Ms. Calder represented the Nu Lyfe Krew as one of their three vocalists in early 2004, after which she began exposing her lyrical talents as a songwriter. In 2008, three (3) singles were released “Light Up The World”, “Lift Up Your Head” and “Shelter of Love” all written and sung by her. Tamara has since recorded with other fellow gospel artistes such as: Clifford Henry representing Katalys Crew, Ancient Priest, JCDC’s (Jamaica Cultural Development Commission) second place winner for 2010 and Minister Blessed. Tamara places thought-provoking lyrics as the focal point in her music and above vocal talent places tremendous emphasis on the importance of her duty to minister and not entertain. Tamara continues to strive, to bring a musical message to a changing world.

Tamara is a member of the Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre but also frequently shares in fellowship with the Christ Alive Christian Centre where she embraces her gift as a keyboardist.

Tamara returned to Jamaica in June of 2010 and has been working vehemently to complete her long awaited ‘freshman’ album. Singles have been released leading up to its completion and she has been receiving much support from online radio stations and radio personalities around the world. DJ’s from the United Kingdom, Grand Cayman, United States and of course Jamaica even Costa Rica have all taken a keen interest in her music and has selections added to their mixtapes and rotations daily.

Shelter of Love as the album is titled, features styles from roots reggae to mild dancehall gospel to soulful R&B. The final installment on the album was an out-the-box repentance anthem titled “God’s Calling”. This song is full of playful puns with a serious message concerning the call of God on our lives as it compares to the everyday phone calls we choose whether or not to answer. Ms. Calder is also known for songs such as “Puzzle”, “I Thank You Lord” and of course the title track itself “Shelter of Love”.

Tamara has made appearances around Jamaica from time to time from Buff Bay to hometown Denbigh to the Annual Genesis concert in Kingston. She has also made appearances ministering to congregations around the island.
Ms. Calder recently was proudly recruited as the newest member of Christ Hu Nterz Productions in Seattle, USA. She has already begun her new project with the label and is happy about the progress so far.

Jesus said “I come not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance so that is the direction I intend to take. It may become controversial to some but this is what the life of Christ was all about. I would like my music to be a bridge that will bring the unsaved from over there to over here. This is my mission – to reach the lost”.