The Beelers

Categories: Target Demographic: Female
Price Range: Call Production Provided: Yes
Currently Touring: Yes Target Attendance: Open

The roots of this Gospel group have sprung up from the soil of East Tennessee, already quite familiar to both the Gospel and Country Music Industries. Over the years, many musicians and singers have made their way from the hills of Union County onto the stage and into the recording studio to share a special, heartfelt style of music with their audiences. Now, another generation of those great talents is carrying on that tradition of heartfelt music and great harmony to the audiences of today. One such group from this new generation is The Beelers.

The Beelers are the fourth generation from where it all began and that was with the M. C. Brewer family of singers, songwriters and musicians. From there, they watched the next generation, their great-grandparents and their many great-aunts and uncles, who played and sang both in church and professionally. Their grandmother Drusilla Beeler and her sister Clodell Hunley (County Music artist Con Hunley’s mother) sang together at the local church. The following generation included their anchor and loving father, songwriter Ray Beeler, and their loving and supportive mother Linda Foster Beeler, as well as several aunts and uncles, again, all who were musically talented. Their parents, married 32 years, were very active in their local church, where their dad sang. He also sang in a group with his sisters, Susie, Marcia and June, over a period of 30 years.

Now, let’s meet the new generation, The Beelers:

Cory, his sisters, Robin and Tina, The Beelers, are the new generation of this heritage with flavors of the past, present and future. They are an extremely close and talented family.

Cory Beeler is the youngest of the three siblings and was born as one of triplets, along with Rory who died at birth, and Tory, who died at the age of 5. Cory is an incredibly anointed songwriter (it’s just in his blood), singer and musician, as well as preacher of the Word. Cory also plays guitar, harmonica and piano.

Robin is the middle sibling whom God has blessed with incredible vocal and arranging abilities. Her talents also include piano and a comedy character they call “Sham”, who is so funny and will “keep you in stitches”! Husband, Steve, travels with the group as road manager/sound man.

Tina, the first born of The Beelers, is the mischievous one of the family, but also is the Rock! Because their mother died when Cory was just a young boy at the time, Tina not only assumed the role of “big sister”, but also became part Mother. Her importance to The Beelers vocal performances are blessed by the same commitment she has to everything else in life. Tina is an incredible singer with a contagious smile and helps “hold it all together!”

The Beelers have been singing their family style of harmony since childhood. Their first radio single is a song written by their Dad, Ray Beeler, “When A Man Dies”, immediately following the death of their mother. Their debut project is entitled, “Common Ground”, a great song penned by Cory Beeler plus several songs by producer and songwriter, Glen Bates, on BSA World Records.