The Imperials

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Over the years there has not been a more celebrated group of person(s) than the members of The Classic Imperials. Through the accolades and worldwide attention, our patriarch members have maintained their integrity in both the ministry as well as in their music. Through the decades their many hits include “How Great Thou Art”, “Bread On The Water”, “He Touched Me”, “Trumpet Of Jesus”, “Praise The Lord”, Lord of the harvest, Let the Wind Blow, Stand By The Power, and many more.

Out of retirement, Armond Morales, Paul Smith, and Dave Will reunite as “The Classic Imperials”.  Together with Rick Evans they will once again step back into the national spotlight with their trademark sound that led the Christian Music Industry for more than 4 decades.

The Classic Imperials:

Armond Morales – Bass
Armond Morales is an original member of The Classic Imperials, and was at the helm of management for 40 years. Out of retirement, he brings back the smooth rich tone that defined the group’s sound throughout its long history. Armond brings with him his experience, including travel to 21 countries, 42-recorded projects, 17 Dove Awards, and 4 Grammy Awards.

Armond’s gospel music career, culminating with his induction into The Gospel Music Hall of Fame, has re-fired to set the pace for this historical group. Armond now stands ready with The Classic Imperials, to give millions an opportunity to enjoy one of the nation’s legendary members of Christian Music.

Paul Smith – Lead/Tenor
Paul Smith is one of the most recognized members of the famed group. As an accomplished singer/songwriter/ and Worship Leader, and with a string of number one hits, three Dove Awards, one Grammy, and an inductee into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, Paul’s return to the group has created a burst of enthusiasm about the continued success of this organization.  From the first note America heard Paul sing, more than twenty years ago, until now, Paul remains one of Christian music’s most beloved icons.

Dave Will – Baritone/Lead
Dave Will, known for some of the greatest hits in gospel music, including “You’re the Only Jesus”, “One More Song For You”,” Pieces”, and ”Bread Upon the Water”, rejoins his old friends to complete the signature sound known around the world. Dave continues to offer an uncompromised life, along with his unfailing voice and quest for excellence in music and ministry.

Dave’s history with the group covers a 24 year span, and has earned him an induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, as well as 3 Grammy Award’s and 15 Dove Awards.  Originally from Benton Harbor, Michigan, Dave reinforces inspiration that has kept this group in the center of God’s perfect plan, and now stands ready to once again recapture the spark that started it all—almost 30 years ago.

Rick Evans – Lead/Tenor
Rick Evans is no stranger to Music. In full-time ministry since age 22, Rick brings his accomplishments to The Classic Imperials, as both a member of the Dennis Agajanian Band for 13 years, and as a featured team-member of the Franklin Graham Crusade Team. Rick has been around the world in association with some of the largest ministries in modern times, including Harvest Crusades (Greg Laurie), Promise Keepers, and Billy Graham, and adds his experience, and unique sound, to expand the already well established history of The Classic Imperials.

Rick has a degree in Human Development and uses his experience and education to counsel, consult, and teach the Body of Christ, and organizations who are trying to reach beyond their four walls. Rick also shares a ministry with his wife, and keynote speaker, Debra Evans.

In light of the many expectations history will place on this group, The Classic Imperials anticipate nothing less than a continuing legacy of excellence from this team. Join The Classic Imperials, as they continue to live out the ongoing chronicles of this extraordinary organization.