Church Partnership: Making Music Ministry Happen

The following is a guest blog post by Ryan Edberg from Last Hope Music. He can be reached at

It seems like churches have been doing fewer and fewer shows now than ever before. You have to ask yourself: with music bigger than ever before and music in everything we do, why is this?

I have talked to many pastors over the years, and it’s not that they don’t want to have events at their church Partnershipbecause they all do! There were two reasons why churches have stopped doing “concerts” at the church. First, they can’t lose money. Let’s face it; Pastors are not usually concert promoters. So most of them have never promoted a show before. Also, the Christian music industry has done a very good job at taking advantage of the church for years. They have put high dollar prices on artists because they know the church doesn’t know what they are worth and know they will pay it. There is no way a band that draws 300 people should be asking for $10,000-$15,000 for the night. Plus, some of the tour riders alone are an extra $1,000-$2,000 in different needs for the Christian Rock Stars. The second reason churches have not been doing shows is because they have had a bad experience before with a band who said they were “Christian” but did no ministry at all. For a church, even if you had a band and sold tickets and made thousands of dollars and NO ministry happens, it is still a big waste of time.

Church Partnership:

We believe that time is short and now is the time that churches should be doing more with outreach. I believe these are days that people are afraid and have lost hope. These are the days we need to start doing things to draw people into the church and give them the hope of Jesus Christ.

With that being said it needs to be a win-win for both the church and Christian bands. We are looking for churches that want to work with us to build the Kingdom and in return, it will build the artists we work with and the local church. We are looking for churches that want to work with us for years to come with getting concerts through every 3-4 months. In return, we are not going to charge you for these shows! Don’t get me wrong this will not be a FREE event but a partnership. If your Church is willing, we ask for hotel rooms that vary per tour, food, and promotional materials. Every one of the tours we will have through will have 2-3 bands and a speaker on it.We will charge $10 per ticket and give that to the bands. We will also partner with AttendStar for ticketing and promotion. We want to help build the church, and so we will help invite thousands of people from around your area to your church. If you are interested in learning more about our concept, we would love to connect and go into detail.

It is our greatest hope to have events at your church and get more people connected to the Gospel while we build up Christian bands that are about ministry without being a financial burden on your church.

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