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Cool Reign is a new entrant into the Christian Spiritual music genre, having burst into the musical scene in late 2007. They have only one album to their credit ‘Somebody Told Me’ in 2009 that garnered rave reviews and great critical acclaim from millions of people who’ve become hard core fans of the Cool Reign entourage now.


Composed of Steve Thomas, Tim Wright, Brad Holli Field, Ryan Hart and De Anne Glass from across the United States, Cool Reign is essentially a small-town band with no technical training and loads of talent and demeanor. They simply stormed into the Birmingham Church Gospel scene in 2007 and since then have been favorites with most of the people who love jazz and contemporary rock weaved into theology instead of staid carols and other worship songs.

Cool Reign was thought of after the group decided to devote themselves to spreading prayer, goodness, positive karmic energy and spiritual prowess across the world, being inspired by Biblical verses. Primarily, the verses of the Bible ‘and He shall Reign, forever and ever… in the hearts of men and the Holy Kingdom alike…’ inspired the band members so much that they decided to call themselves Cool Reign, to devote themselves to the reign of the Lord, something they thought was ‘cool’, and still do so.

‘Somebody Told Me’ is contemporary jazz and soothing vocals that is hopeful, poignant and promises the listener a life of happiness and contentment in heaven, after all the ordeals to be faced on Earth. The singles of the album ‘Somebody Told Me – the title track’, ‘Final Judgement’, ‘His Holy Hands’, ‘Just Up Here’ and ‘I Saw Nothing’ are poetry at their superb best, coupled with beats that can played in discotheques as well. Ideally, you can spend an entire Sunday afternoon, plugged to your ipod on your Ottoman, listening to Cool Reign croon.

Their songs are used in many sitcoms, television jingles, and church congregation players to add flavor to the proceedings. In their own words, Cool Reign is ‘more of South American rock and class, coupled with the Blues of Memphis, and the Christian spiritualism to give an ethereal touch to the album.’

Cool Reign embarked on its first tour in early 2008, barely a month after they popped up on the scene with their first album as a part of a huge entourage at the Power in the Blood Rally event performance in Alabama. Since then, they have heavily toured in Alabama visiting community centers, Church meets, pastor services and other places in the state, going to cities like Birmingham, Pinson, Gardendale, Guntersville, Canton and many more areas.

They have also toured South Carolina, Manchester, and Aberdeen in the United States and have a world wide appeal. The band is now busy working on their second album, which is rather undisclosed as of now. Going by the efforts each member puts into their albums and tracks, and the blessings and grace of the Lord that is showered on them, we can expect nothing short of a magnanimous success this time too.

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If you’d like to know whether Cool Reign is touring your city, you can do so by visiting their official site. They have abundant information on display there and can help you find out if there are tickets available too. You can connect with Cool Reign on Facebook and MySpace.

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